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1st January 2010

who needs make believe?

Someone asked me today if I make up the stories which go on the blog…….I really don’t need to . Just look at some of the things which have happened in the past three weeks:

– we’ve had an attempted murder in one of our apartments – yes, really! Proper one with policemen, handcuffs, carving knife and prison too

– a guest practically shredded herself, 15 mins after arrival, by running through a closed window

– two guests came on honeymoon, hated each other and are going to divorce!

– 10 people turned up to sleep in a 3 bed house coz they wanted to be together and thought it wouldn’t matter if there was more of them!

– We’ve got new staff and lost old staff

– we’ve got new villas to rent and a hotel to sell

– my new car has been registered in cyprus

– Mums house has new tenants in…………

and this is all over the past days………

So whats to make up? Except to make believe I can have a day off, in the sun, drinking chilled wine………………….now I know I am dreaming!

Category: Cyprus Villas News