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1st January 2010

Who has been sleeping in my bed?

Its been a while since I’ve given you an update on the Wrinklies, Mum and Jim, so I thought I’d tell you how things are…..

Jim continues to lose the world to Alzheimers. Its so very sad for this dignified and gentle man -and so very hard for my Mum, who is caring for him so lovingly…………..From time to time, we do get a giggle, at mums expense, sadly but she takes it in good part…

This weeks ‘corker’ , was that Jim woke Mum up at 3am in the morning to ask, “Should you be sleeping in my bed? I don’t know who you are”…..

The other day, he asked Mum if she had ever met his wife, from whom he was divorced, 50 years ago! Apparently, Jim hasn’t bothered with women since!! Poor Mum!

At least she’s got all of us – and a decent supply of GnT. Its no wonder she drinks!

Category: Cyprus Villas News