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1st January 2010

Which shop?!

Mum and I were in the hairdressers yesterday, where Mum was having a pamper and I was sitting and waiting to take her to her next lunch appointment (I am a taxi!)…
Jaime, our lovely hairdresser, has three children, the youngest of whom is 3. He ran into the salon laughing, with Karen his nanny, who was also giggling. Karen told us that she and her husband had just driven along the Tomb of the Kings road when Rio, the little boy, starting shouting, “Look, there’s the willies place where Mummy takes me. Its great! There is a big willy and you can cuddle it!….”
Karen was horrified but kept quiet – till she realised that Rio was talking about “Fat Mamas and Willies RibShack, where Willie is a large, cuddly character who entertains the children!
Jaime blushed only a little!

Category: Cyprus Villas News