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3rd July 2012

Where is Jake?

Okay. This is serious: who has stolen Jake?
The Jake suit is still here but its inhabitant is a perfectly polite, very gracious and loving being who:
– doesnt steal Mollys food
– moves out of the way when you want to get past
– stops drinking my GnT when I ask him to
– comes in from the garden at the first request to do so
– stands back to give Alfie and his huge doggy surgical collar past…………………

There is something VERY wrong!

The Jake we know and love, is like Tony: everything on his terms in his time. Will eat what he wants when he wants. Won’t speak or communicate if he doesn’t want to. Turns the TV over when you are watching something and wont come home even when called!……

If the REAL Jake is an Alien and he’s been beamed “home”, so be it. If the REAL Jake is now here, thank you, whoever you are. We REALLY love this new version……..but when will you come for the prototype Tony and exchange for the newer version?…..

Category: Cyprus Villas News