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7th September 2015

When you CAN get the staff!

Here in our offices in Peyia, from where we operate Lazydaze Ltd ( and The Pool People ltd, its always been difficult to find the RIGHT people to entrust with our work. Our customers are ‘king’ and we not only need great attitude from the team but also professionalism, skills, consistency and good old fashioned respect towards the people who allow us to work for them.

The many years of business here have been interesting and we’ve seen a few people come and go: some , we’ve waved off happily, others we’ve been sad to lose and one or two we’d simply not comment on BUT , touching wood as I write, we are now blessed with a great permanent team of people who know their work and relish the challenge and the customers. To a (wo)man, they are good , honest and hardworking people who want to do their best and will give us their all – knowing we’ll return it to them, 100 times over. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to them – especially for working so very hard through this hot summer!

With the team, come their offspring and I love that. I’m honorary auntie to Charlie 7 and Daisy 4; am just getting to know Ronnie and Reggie whose daddy has been with us only a few months – and meet sisters/ parents/visiting friends …and I LOVE it! One huge big family of once strangers who are now part of our daily life here in Peyia .

Daisy , 4 plus MASSIVE attitude, loves coming into the office and often draws pictures for me to ‘sell ‘ (minimum 1 euro). She has also taken to manning the phones (photo below), so one of these days, her mummy Emma, may get a day off – though with a smile like Daisys, I think her daddy, Christian’s troubles, are only just beginning!

Email to Daisy for offers on winter sun holidays here in Cyprus but be prepared to bargain with her over her latest painting!

photo daisy office