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15th January 2015

When you CAN get the staff!

photo charlie on the wallI’m so very lucky: during this enforced period of rest, we’ve got two of our favourite extended family staying with us. Known affectionately as Twosheds and Armani, this completely barmy couple have been friends for years and are as close to us as any family can be. They’ve kindly come over to look after me while Tony is at work and then while he is in UK  – and they are doing a great job!

I’ve just had coffee and toast delivered to my table as I blog! They’ve ‘helped ” me consume some decent , has to be shared red wine – and we’ve been sharing the fun of watching some great movies

While Tony and our wonderful Cyprus Villas and Pool People team are slaving away, answering enquiries and cleaning pools/doing gardens, Twosheds, Armani and I have been well, slaving away watching movies/drinking coffee (or wine or both) and watching movies. The weather has bee the normal Cyprus 10 days of rain and winter and today, the sun is back in the heavens – so they are going out and leaving me!

Susie Floozy and The Great Raymondodoulou are taking the guys to lunch in Letymbou: Twosheds and TGR have each had a birthday this week, so they are going to celebrate together. I’m trying to be magnanimous and not show how jealous/upset I am that they are going without me – but I WANT to be there: not that I don’t want them to have fun – I just don’t want them to have TOO much fun without me! They may make a habit of it!

Speaking of fun, Charlie cat has just had a sleep over. I’ve delivered breakfast to his ensuite bedroom, only to discover that Big Black Cat is in there and they are deep in ‘conversation’. I’m hoping they aren’t talking about Gus, Charlies best friend cat from next door but I cannot be sure! Still, they’re off to enjoy their day, as are the people and I’m going to help Emma answer enquiries, so all is well with the world!

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Enjoy the photo of Charlie!