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13th October 2019

When walking is a drag!

It is the most beautiful day. October is a great weather month anyway but today , we’re experiencing a heatwave and it feels like mid summer!

The feral cat gang are happily sunning themselves on the hillside, having enjoyed a Sunday breakfast of their favourite meat plus milk – and the smoked salmon which had gone out of date in the fridge!

We can hear children laughing as they splash about in the swimming pools and, looking out across Coral Bay, there are people playing in boats and on jet skis…………’s a good day!

Though maybe not for Barney T Rubble!

Having had his breakfast early, he and I decided to go for a walk and ”discussed” where we would go, deciding on the long walk across the back of the hill towards the ravine. Ted, Barney’s best teddy bear friend, was duly, ”ragged” for pleasure before we left the garden, then cast aside until Barney returned with his tales.

But there was a problem. In the form of Brucie, the largest of the feral cat gang, who was sitting on the steps and seemed to want to come with us! Barney seemed interested in this option- and opened his mouth wide in a ready, ”smile” – so I put him back inside the house, got more smoked salmon and tempted Brucie away from the stairs.

Then Barney and I set off…

The normal route includes, peeing in the hole in the road, (Barney), then stopping to stare at our neighbour doing crafts in the garage , (both of us), then ambling slowly up the hill to the flat bit of the hill – only Barney decided that he suddenly didn’t want to walk and was just going to stand still!

As our neighbour laughed, I tried everything in my power to pull Barney without hurting him but he wasn”t budging! Fed up with my trying to drag him, he lay down in the middle of the road and would still have been there, had Brucie cat not made an appearance close to him then turned tail towards our home- so Barney followed, dragging me behind him.

Peaceful Sunday walk. Not!

That said, Autumn and Winter are wonderful times to come and walk on this beautiful island. Book a villa , choose your daily walking routes and enjoy! But without Barney, who is on serious Cat Watch!

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