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15th August 2018

When the world stops….

Sunday was a day like any other here in August.

Stunning sunshine; villas and apartments busy with morning departures and evening arrivals, so Tony and I took the chance in the afternoon to nip over to Latchi to spend a couple of hours on  a boat in Blue Lagoon. It was heaven! There is something really funny about answering business calls on the mobile while floating in the sea!

Mooring up, we were sorting out our things ready to head home so I could get back to work and , bang , the world changed: the huge wake from a large tourist boat, coming back to harbour, caused the boat and the boat next to us, to ”lean heavily and quickly” – and Tony fell off the gang plank and straight onto the many and very sharp rocks in the harbour.

For a second, I expected him to laugh and stand up but OMG no! Looking down from the bow of the boat, much higher than the water, there he was lying in a huge and gushing pool of blood – and I couldn’t reach him……Thank god for Harbour Police and the team at Latchi Watersports, who were each with us in a minute, helping to pull Tony, who was very badly injured, out of the sea, stemming the bleeding – then getting an ambulance before helping me off the boat into the car to follow to the hospital.

With so much gratitude, I can report Tony is fine. He’d badly split his foot and has a few bruises but other than that, he’s so very lucky and simply on crutches. The amazing Dr Petrides , at the Evangelismos Hospital, stitched the wound inside and out and is looking after Tony while he heals.

Why write this? Well, because life can change in an instant. Plans just go awry and worries get replaced by REAL monsters which dash into your life uninvited…. The whole incident reminded me how very lucky we are to be alive; to be healthy; to live here and to work in such a beautiful place with great people, guests and team alike.

It also reminded me of how great people can be when it matters – and it mattered so much it scares me to think of the ,”could have been” scenario.

It’s bank holiday here today but I’m working hard, meeting and greeting villa holiday guests. My heart is full of love and gratitude and I’m so very glad to be here doing what I do, knowing Tony is home safe though a tad grumpy and incapacitated!

I’ve offered to donate one of my ”bottoms” if Dr P needs a skin graft to help Tony but apparently, they only may need a tiny piece, not enough to rebuild him!

Don’t forget: great holiday villas and apartments to rent; people always on hand to help you even in the worst of times and I’m here to talk holidays and stuff, whenever you are ready: email to

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