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4th July 2016

When the sun sets….

Tony and I were lucky to spend a couple of hours late yesterday, on the water just outside of Latchi, with some friends of ours who are here on holiday. Mooring in Blue Lagoon, then having a swim before returning back to the harbour, is a special thing to do and something we never take for granted.

On the journey back to the harbour, we looked back at the sun which was gently setting over the Akamas Peninsular and which was spreading its golden hues out over the hills and the landscape behind us. The skies turned a golden pink, the sea glistened and I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the moment …..

I was reminded that there are far greater ‘things’ than us in the world and the beauty of nature is one of them. As the sun slipped silently from view, she left her promise that she’d be back to light the way again, on a brand new day.

I cannot doubt that there is a God in the heaven when I see such beauty and I’m grateful to have been reminded of that while my heart is so very heavy.

Wishing the sun to return for all.

(photo below – but doesn’t do it justice!).photo latchi boat 2

Category: Cyprus Villas News