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25th April 2014

When sunshine looks good on you!

photo Susie F

There was a recent article in the press about the dangers of too much sunbathing – and it is a very serious issue. I ofte worry about some of the holiday guests we see here in Peyia and Coral Bay: understandably, they come for the sun and want to go home with a tan – but what it took me many years and much pain to realise, is that you get every bit as brown sitting in the shade; its much more comfortable; your skin is better AND the tan lasts longer – but I understand that people want the sunshine!

Its all about balance, isn’t it? Please come and enjoy the sun but protect your skin from the heavy midday  heat and always wear sunscreen , reapplying after you get out of water (but please shower before getting into the pool at the villa).

Talking of balance and sunshine, the photos are of two of our favourite people here: Susie Floozy , who celebrated her 60th birthday on Wednesday and I promised not to tell anyone . So I didn’t on the day but I’m telling everyone now! Tee hee! She looks amazing : sunkissed, gorgeous and totally happy – probably due to being so old her memory of bad things is going!

The photo under Susie F, is of The Great (unbalanced) Raymondodoulou, who, enjoying an afternoon in Yialos Taverna with his beloved (Tony, my husband) and Susie F and I, got a little unbalanced (as did we all).

As you’ll see, we sit in the shade but as these two prove, you can still pick up a gorgeous colour and be safe!

So, why not email to me on to discuss beautiful villas in the sunshine and how best to enjoy them!



photo the great raymondodoulou