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20th January 2015

When life gives you lemons

I was talking to a friend of mine today, who was empathising with me over the fact that I’m housebound for a good few weeks yet. She was saying how hard it must be/was I in pain etc – and I suddenly realised that, although I’m in discomfort and would love to be able to be ‘out and about’, I’m so very lucky to have the time to ‘hang out’ at home and enjoy the moments.

I’m able to potter around my garden a little/am researching ways of making your villa holidays EVEN better and am working with owners online to sort out this coming holiday season PLUS I’ve time to be with my furry gang – so I figure, all things being equal, I’m one lucky woman!

Add in the fact that Tony is a great cook and while he is away in UK for a few days, Twosheds and Armani are ‘waiting on me’ – and its almost heaven! Bring on the next few weeks till I can walk my dogs again and I’m in paradise!

So happy to be emailing with you all over your chosen holiday rental villas. Keep the enquiries and bookings coming!

Photo is from our garden. Gin is courtesy of Phillipos Supermarket!!

lemons x