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21st March 2021

When Harry Met Mummy!

It’s a grand life for the Hilltop Gang of cats on this small part of the hill above Peyia!

Twice daily feeds – and god help me if I’m late for either the 8am or the 4pm ”preferred times”!

Cream as well as meaty dishes. Treats of tuna and salmon  – and warm beds to snuggle up in IF the sun isn’t shining or they simply fancy a lie in.

Brucie and Kitten play happily together. Scraggy keeps herself to herself and Harry just does his thing – which means going home to his real Mummy who lives further up the hill and telling her he hasn’t been fed so getting double portions !  Apparently, he also takes Brucie with him somedays and they both get fed again!

Well, Harry got a bit of a shock the other day. His humans came to see us at home, to talk about this and that and,  as they were leaving , just before 4pm, Harry and the gang were waiting on the steps for their tea.

“Hello Harry”, said his real Mummy to one very surprised cat! ”Hello Harry”, I repeated to him.

Looking from one of us to the other , this cheeky little cat didn’t even have the good grace to seem embarrassed. He simply  let out his strange squeaky cry  , asking to be fed, then gave us both , ”the tail” as he strutted down the steps and waited for me to feed him!

I did catch him looking a little sheepish as he peered around the corner of our house later on. I think he was checking to see if the coast was clear of humans!

Feline good today! Happy Sunday x (photo of Harry, below).