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12th June 2012

Wheels for Christmas!

Molly mou and Alfie were watching the TV this am when Tony and I were making breakfast….. BIG mistake coz there was a feature on about how dogs in a sanctuary in the UK, have been taught to drive cars just to prove how clever dogs are- and to reinforce to people who may be considering adopting a stray dog, just how easy it is to train a stray…

Molly was enthralled – and now wants her own car for Christmas! She tried to ‘gruff’ to me all the rational behind her needing a car – but it fell on Alfies deaf ears and I tried to ignore her

Course it could have its benefits: if Molly could drive, she could take Alf to the vet then call in to see us further down the hill……. Just need to find out where to find a booster seat tall enough to sit this tiny 4kg dog upon in the driving seat!

(Do I drink too much?…..)

Category: Cyprus Villas News