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1st January 2010

Whats yours is mine and whats mine is, well, MINE!!

Oh, its all very interesting. Friends of ours have built a beautiful villa in Peyia in which their parents are currently living. When one has a house, one tends to refer to it as “my house” – which we’ve encouraged aforementioned mother in law, currently squatting in daughter in laws house, not to do – but its an easy “slip”!

Actually, Susie and I have been having a giggle with this wonderful mum in law who adores her sons wife and who is also a very mischievous lady, given to winding family up – and she is on great form!

Daughter in law arrived last night, longing to get to her villa and her Mum in law welcomed her “as her guest” – oh, dear…… Sitting enjoying drinks with them all, it was comical to see everyone stand up to go to the kitchen to replenish each others drinks (what is the protocol there?!)…. I just sat still and tried not to giggle.

This morning, our gorgeous friend has escaped her villa and inlaws and come here to my house for breakfast. Tony says she has come to his house too – and he’s also volunteered to clean his pool so I’ve asked him to clean mine too! Alfie has become MY dog today, coz he’s been naughty but Jake, who is cute as a huge, giant size button, is Tonys dog: coz our friend loves to fuss this great big puppy and Tony lives in hope of such fuss….

I’ve just dropped our friend back at her own villa, where mum in law is making breakfast for her in my friends kitchen with her new cooking pots and stuff – me thinks too many ladies in one kitchen can be a little challenging though it is the Cypriot thing to do. (Wonder who will do the washing up? Normally guests do this, don’t they?)

Personally, I’ve just got to get on with MY housework, while Tony cleans my pool, in my villa watched by my animals.

The ironing mountain is Tonys – though I wonder what my friends mum in law is doing today……..

Oh – and I’ve just been donated all of the departures and arrivals too: apparently the villa holiday makers are MINE too!…….

Category: Cyprus Villas News