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30th April 2014

Whats in a word?

I had a much needed giggle today when I rang to MTN, the supplier of our mobile communications, to pay our monthly bill. The (bored) operator and I , went through the normalities of ‘long number on the card’, ‘expiry date’ but then when he asked me for the ‘three numbers on your backside’, I lost it and almost had an accident! “666”  , I wanted to say but couldn’t even speak!

Got me thinking about the work we’ve been doing on our Information Packs for the villas. Its always difficult to know if you are including too much or too little information. Its important to make it all relevant but nobody in their right mind, wants to wade through reams of stuff for their hols. Recently, I have seen the translation in English from a Korean Hotel Group: the photo of the beautiful reps beaming at the camera caught my eye but the text underneath, was just fantastic : probably the best ‘mis translation’ ever: for example:

“We welcome children too but also love adultery”

” our manager likes to have intercourse with all of the customers”

We are going to rethink our approach but may miss out these two thrilling elements!

You may like to see another of the ‘usual’ thing we see here: its a sign near Dionysus gorgeous beachside villa and is lovely (photo below). If you like the misuse of words, email to me on and I’ll share more with you as we discuss great holiday villas!

photo toilet sign