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1st January 2010

Whats in a name?

We’ve just finished our 6th Greek lesson. Phew! Tonight was revision ready for next weeks revision and the week after that, A TEST!!! Ohmigod!!

Its going well, though slowly and painfully. Our classmates are fellow ex pats, some of whom have small children who’ve already cracked the language at school and some, retirees, who have time to study – and don’t! We’re are sort of in the middle and struggling anyway!

Last week, we each were shown how to write our names:

Tony, translates as “Adonis” – which he loves!

My name is just three triangles: one large , one in the middle and smaller then a mid size one which is upside down! I read somewhere, years ago, that the triangle is the sign of peace and serenity, so “Triangle” I am!……..

The funniest one is Shaney, a lovely young Mum who is learning quickly and is a joy to be around. Her translation couldn’t be put down in English lettering but the teacher now innocently refers to her as , “Shiney”- which is lovely and very apt for this sparkling, pleasant and smiley lady.

Adonis quite fancies Shiney, me thinks. So I’ll just keep my triangle point bit angled at him in case she reflects his affections and I find myself losing the “serenity” my name suggest!

Whats the point? No idea but I’ll keep it sharp, just in case!

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