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26th April 2014

What to eat and drink next?

photo twosheds and armani

This photo is of our very dear and completely wonderfully bonkers friends, Twosheds and Armani. They live in one of the villages near York but kindly go ‘out of their way’ to come to Cyprus as often as they can to ‘help’ us check out the local restaurants, wines, walks and more wines

Its great to have their views on such important matters: after all, we’ve got to be ‘in the know’ to ensure we stay experts in all the best local places to eat and drink so that we can tell you, our cherished holiday villa guests, where is best to go!

And Twosheds and Armani are ‘posh’ and ‘well travelled’ so if they think something is good, then that’s good enough for us!

Course the problem is that EVERYTHING here from a food perspective, is good. From local tavern to the likes of Tweedies Restaurant in Chloraka to the Last Castle in the Akamas (where this photo was taken) – its all lovely and excellent value for money!

Thankfully Twosheds and Armani are very patient and willing to keep trying hard to find the best places for you to go and eat and drink. So far, their list is only in the late hundreds but its growing fast- and with another ‘inspection visit’ overdue by them to us, numbers will be added I’m sure.

One difficultly we’re having though, is grading the best wines for you; Armani likes ALL of them and, with Tony as his official helper in the taste mission, they both get a little too enthusiastic about tasting and forget to fill in the forms given to them – so start again!

Twosheds and I are angels, of course and wouldn’t DREAM of sampling too much – or is it too little?

Anyway, If you’d like to know more about where to eat , what to drink and how to have fun when you come on a villa holiday with us in Peyia or Coral Bay, email to me on and I’ll tell all- even the bits I promised Twosheds I wouldn’t!