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1st January 2010

What ? Tense? You bet I am!!

I was at my Greek class last night. Well, I was hoping I was at my Greek class and think I was there is spirit in an active frame of mind but a passive comment about the continuous future of the simple verb made my past seem tense and my present, a little mixed up….

WHAT? I hear you cry?!
Well, I cadoodled if I know!
We are “doing ” grammar and the tenses – and my goodness it worked! We walked into their, relaxed and happy – and out, tensed to the back teeth and totally unaware of what happened/might have happened/could have happened and may have passed us by…………

So, once I’ve checked in the guests to Sams Place in Peyia, I think I’ll have some homework to do – or is it done? ……………..

Category: Cyprus Villas News