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1st January 2010

What kind of fool am I?

I think the gremlins got me today: or at least stole my common sense! Firstly, I went to a gorgeous new apartment with David from The Window Dresser, to get him to measure blinds – and I couldn’t find the apartment! Well, I could find the complex it was in but none of the apartments were numbered so we had to try the keys in many, to find which one it was.

Then we found the apartment but the key didn’t fit.

Well, it did but I’m having a “stupid day” and couldn’t get it the key to open the door! Luckily, Rachael was there and she was able to put key in lock and open the door! Perfect!!

Then David and I went to our villa in Peyia, coz I was complaining that a new blind I had wasn’t working – and David fixed it for me – because the only thing wrong with it was that I’d jammed the cord in the window and the jammed cord was stopping the blind from being pulled down. So, with a straight face and “I’m an engineer so I can do these things”, look, David “fixed” my blind!

Todays the day I’ve got to visit the accountant to talk VAT. I’m thinking this just isn’t a good idea but I’m so stupid, I cannot think of a reason NOT to go!

Watch this space

Plus VAT , no doubt!

Category: Cyprus Villas News