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15th October 2017

What is and isn’t, necessary?

I’ve just driven down to the house of a good friend in Peyia, to drop some things off to her and on the journey, had to pass the Cypriot and the Expats, cemetery.

Each of these resting places are sensitively designed and both, even though they flank left and right of a small , though busy road through Peyia, are very peaceful and ”give out” the feeling of serenity – so even the fastest of cars slow down, (well , most of the time).

Whenever I pass them, I remember that Christos, the wonderful young Cypriot electrician with whom we work and whose English is interesting (and way better than my Cypriot!), called the cemetery, the ”Necessary”.

I know I’ve mentioned this before but today, it really struck home that his word is really poignant: what is necessary? We are all going to die at some point. I’m not being morbid nor am I sad. I thank God every moment for my husband, family, friends and furry gang plus the opportunity to be here – but WHAT is necessary I thought today?

Well, for me, what is necessary are kindness; love; respect; care; understanding ; faith and hope. Everything else is a bonus but without these 6 things, I’d be lost. I try to live by them but fall short sometimes when ”ego” or ”pain” get in the way. Am working hard to put this right – but actually, in the working hard bit, I realized that having faith that all will be as it should be and the strength to live up to the others, makes way for miracles to happen.

I don’t mean to sound, ‘heavy” or to ‘preach”: I know nothing more that love is all; having faith is a huge comfort and gift – and that it’s necessary to respect, care for, understand and love those around you with all of your heart.

To be at peace with oneself: though not in the ”necessary” just yet!

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