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1st January 2010

what comes around , goes around…

Oh, this is sooooo naughty of me but I just have to!

A few years ago, Tony and I met a very nice couple here who are in a similar business to us: not that this matters at all, its just for colour in the story!

Anyway, we were at a dinner party and I was feeling quite good: I’d lost a little weight, ( to refresh your minds, I’m one of those “traditionally built, ready for war” ladies): the lady we met was both very slim, to the point of skinny and very, very pretty.

During the course of the evening, she and I ended up powdering our noses together, as you do. She was a little tiddly and looked at me and said, with great sincerity, “You are one of the chubby people, aren’t you? Quite pretty face but chubby – doesn’t that bother you?”…….

I was so gobsmacked, I just giggled and walked away……….

Last night, we were at the (great) Manfreds concert in Coral Bay and she was there: haven’t seen her for years – and , oh dear, she is now one of those “chubby girls: very pretty face but VERY chubby!”

Laugh? I nearly lost a few kilos!! Course – I won’t be telling ANYONE!!!

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