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1st January 2010

What an age……

Eve, aged 9 and the gorgeous youngest daughter of the fabulous Hoagy Bear, sent me a letter in which she told me she was only “one digit (9)” at the moment but would be in double figures in December! She is SO excited!

I am 51 and longing to be 30 – or at least have eyes that wake up at the same time I do everyday and not 4 hours later!

My Mum, chief Wrinkly, is ONLY in her tender midish 60s but was described by Lily May, Mums great granddaughter, as a “very old lady, with very old bones who lives in Newcastle and is VERY old – but won’t die today!”. Lily May is 4 and KNOWS EVERYTHING!

When I was 7, I wanted to be 12 and thought it the most sophisticated age in the world! Now, I realise how quickly time flies – especially with booking holidays in villas in Peyia and Coral Bay for wonderful people like Bob and Caz, who are wishing the time away to be here in Caliteri villa in early April.

I don’t wish the time away but I do look forward to welcoming some lovely people back to our beautiful island.

Oh, is it noon already? I’m still in Pjs and need to go shopping. Better dash!

Category: Cyprus Villas News