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18th May 2014

What a shower!

Mum and I are looking forward to seeing some friends, who are popping up to see us at our home in Peyia, later this pm. I met these great people a few years ago, when they entrusted a villa holiday in Cyprus to me – then kept coming back every 6 months or so, continuing to trust us and always accepting suggestions on which villa to stay in ie when we took new properties on, I knew they would love something about the new property, so let them know about them.

Its lovely that, over the holidays and the years, we’ve come to know one another a little/ sharing some ups and very scary downs  – but always laughing about the great bits and helping one another a little through the tough bits. Its great that on both sides, we know ‘life is a people thing’ and whatever the roles we do/however we live, we’re all ‘in it’ together

One thing we weren’t ‘in’ together but which made us all laugh, was one of the holidays here in a villa, where the friend who had accompanied them on holiday, rushed passed us into the villa on arrival, shouting, ‘Which room is mine: I need a shower in my room. I cannot get my leg over in a bath’…..

This lady is also visiting us today as she’s holidaying with Mr and Mrs Bob this time around. Will we remind her of this? Oh Yes!

If you have a ‘need’ for any specific from a holiday villa, please do not hesitate to email to me on We aim to help with anything happy, legal, moral or interesting! LOL!