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1st January 2010

What a Meze!

Charlotte helped me all day yesterday: she was in and out of the villas in Coral Bay and villas in Peyia, checking on the towels/leaflets/welcome packs: she is a total star. Aged 7, she’s already planning her working life here in Peyia – apparently running our organisation!

With experience of the office, the checkins, weddings and problems, she’ll be perfect.

To celebrate her hard day at work, we took her with John, her Dad, to Kathikas – a lovely traditional stone village in the hills above Peyia. One of our favourite restaurants is there: Arousas. Managed and owned by Yiannis and Andreas, this great place is a refurbished goat shed which is beautifully designed and serves the best Meze in the region.

Charlotte had never had a Meze: she’s “chicken nuggets and chips girl” – as many her age are. Last night, she amazed us with her desire to try the prettily shaped food and vast range of different tasty dishes being served.

Eating Laouza, Halloumi (squeaky cheese!), meatballs, cucumber AND tomato (unheard of unless in ketchup!), Lottie had a lovely time -then enjoyed homemade nuggets and LEFT HER CHIPS!

Its hard to get anyone to try new foods and children are the worst to encourage but Lottie Lou was totally adventurous and is going to tell all of her friends what she’s eaten. Back at school on Monday, she has to “Show and Tell” about her holiday – and I expect it will be all about the “mess” she ate with the three of us in Kathikas!

We don’t care what she calls it: it was just great to see her eat it!

Category: Cyprus Villas News