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1st January 2010

What a great week!

Sitting on the Thinking Step with Jake this morning, watching the early morning haze over the village of Peyia and the coastline of Coral Bay and Paphos, I had to thank my lucky stars for living here and all it entails……..I came to Cyprus with a heavy heart, loving my UK life and not really wanting to make the move – but its one of the best things I’ve ever done!

I remember reading a phrase, “Watch for the miracle today” and, being in a particularly bad mood on the day I read it, just dismissed it grumpily. But I actually do believe small miracles happen regularly to all of us. Not huge big life changing ones; just tiny, comforting, inspiring, teaching things that come into our lives and make a difference- even though we don’t realise it at the time…

Looking at Jake, Molly mou and Charlie Cat, I cannot believe the love they’ve brought to us unexpectedly. Alfie, our international traveller, has always been there , strong and loving towards us. Now, thanks to being here, we’ve found room in our hearts and home for these three wonderful creatures who have added so much to make being here, special.

Ditto to the people we meet: unforeseen but totally lovely friendships: Special friends, (Susie F , The Great Raymondodoulou, Vanessa, Karen and Wayne to name a few) and wonderful people we meet in the business day. Take this week, we’ve met Sue and Ian, a great couple who’ve invested in fab apartments in Paphos and in Larnaca. Professional and lovely, we’ve spent a few hours this week, talking business, Cyprus and life – and have been reminded again, what a good business we are in and how precious it is to us to be able to provide a service here to such good people who we are getting to know. It really is a privilege to learn to work harder and better when you are working for decent, honest and lovely people!

Yes, I know I sound like Pollyanna but don’t get me wrong: we, like the rest of the business universe, get the kicks , punches and double dealings done to us, like everyone else. This time last week, I was quite upset and ready to consider leaving it all – till I stood back, counted my blessings and realised that the ladies involved in this recent incident (and I use the term “ladies” very loosely), will get what is due to them without it having to upset us in anyway whatsoever. I learn and relearn: take a chance, stick your chin out and someone, somewhere, will try to pull you down…….. such is life!

Its a great life though! Cyprus is a fantastic place to live. I count my blessings daily and am honoured to work hard for the owners, developers and villa holidaymakers who trust us.

Now, I better go: jake has just pee’d on the edge of the sofa! He’s a bit upset with us coz we’ve had his hair cut off!

Happy days!!