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1st January 2010

What a funny Friday!

Its a beautiful crisp day here in Peyia and Coral Bay. The sun is forcing herself through the light clouds and we’ve a promise of heat – gorgeous!

I’m sat on The Thinking Step, cutting up incontinence pads to make bandages for Alfie dogs wound and talking to Sam and Babs on the phone about this weekends arrivals to lovely villas in Coral Bay. We’ve been painting at Caliteri villa in Peyia and freshing up Aarabella and Villa Garlands and all are looking wonderful!

We’ve also been giggling about some of the translations we’ve seen today from Greek into Engish, which have included a new takeaway which is selling “Carbobs”, to go with “Gordon Blue Steak” – and my favourite, a newly sign written car promoting an Indian restaurant, which is signed , “The Baldy House”. Love it!! Fancy getting a great curry served to you by waitresses with no hair!

I shouldnt laugh: I’ve got my Greek class tonight and I’m completely lost in the quagmire of grammar and tenses – so am chilling a nice bottle of white as a treat when I return, feeling stupid and kicking myself for not having studied more. At least I’ll be coming home to my furry family though, so thats fine!

Have a lovely day! Dont forget, Easter here is 13-16th April and we’ve still some beautiful villas and apartments available for rental!

Category: Cyprus Villas News