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29th April 2015

What? A drip?

Peyia is always ‘doing things’ to make life easier and better for we locals and the tourists. As summer is now here and the temperatures are already ‘scorchio’, its very important that we all keep hydrated – and not just with wine (LOL) but with good , clear water…so in the village, we have two water machines. For only 1.20 euros, you can have 15 litres of water –  immediately!

So we stopped the car, Tony got hold of his loose change (steady!) and inserted it (?) into the machine..

Only ‘we’ didn’t realise that you had to bring your empty water container to be refilled, till the 15 litres of water we’d paid for, began to spill all over the pavement.

Oh how we laughed! Or I did – but it was all my fault (apparently!)

If you’d like to see this machine, choose a villa in Peyia or Coral Bay and get your 1.20 euros ready!

photo water machine