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1st January 2010

What a card!

We don’t accept credit card payments for our villa holidays in Coral Bay and Peyia at the moment. We’ve been trying to keep the prices down on the quality properties we have and , if we took credit cards, would have to charge a surcharge.

tonight, trying to pay something off our credit card, I can now understand why there are surcharges:

– I made the call and talked to a machine then a very pleasant person

– then another very pleasant person

– then another

– then another, who made the initial security checks again

– then another, who asked me my name

– then another, who reminded me I wasn’t the primary card holder (I know! Am just trying to pay something off, not spend on the thing!)

– then another, who referred me to the internet

– which crashed

– so I rang again

– and spoke again to 5 people before connecting to Mumbai, where a man with a lovely sounding girls name took my payment : or rather didn’t coz he wouldn;t accept my Visa debit card coz I’d never used it to pay off the other one before!

BUT, I’ve practised saying my mums maiden name and tonys date of birth, many times , which has almost become therapeutic!

If we take credit cards, we’ll try to make it easy: I’m thinking to just ask for DNA proof of great grandmother plus a photo of the last home in which the caller lived. If all okay, we’ll sell the holiday ~ONLY if the card holder then rings us daily to recite the Desirderata – backwards!

Give me strength!