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1st January 2010

We’re on the team!

The new football season here on the island, kicks off tomorrow. It is SO exciting: no, really! In Peyia village, where we live and from where we’ve wonderful views of the coastline of Coral Bay and Paphos, we have a really good football team, who are in the Premier League now – and determined to get to Europe!

The excitement in the village today is catching: the stadium is being completed/polished/swept. Everyone who is anyone is flashing their little gold card ie the new season ticket. Yesterday, we heard that over 3000 season tickets have been sold! Great for the village and fun to have: just “flash it” when you’re out and about and it gives you “instant respect!”.

The new team consists of a few players from France – and they seem to all be called Lionel! We’ve had great fun this week finding homes for these well mannered Frenchmen. I’ve had to polish up my (terrible) schoolgirl french – and Tony is walking around practising what he thinks are “smouldering looks” – something that Frenchmen seem to do naturally and something that my husband should maybe leave to our European cousins!

We have now house three French families in three lovely Paschali villas in Coral Bay – and have done our best to promote international relations by promising to shout very loudly for them, as they play their inaugural match tomorrow.

We love Peyia! With Cyprus now in the Champions League, (through our team Anothrisos, Larnaca), the season is kicking off to much anticipation and local support! We’re delighted to be “on the team” and will hold our positions as enthusiastic supporters till we hold trophies high!

Bon Chance, mes amies – Vive Le Apop Kinyras Peyieas!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News