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30th January 2018

We’re all connected..

It’s been a difficult/wonderful weekend but one that deserves a mention. Heartbreakingly, one of my sisters is fighting the big C again and things don’t look great, so our other sister and I , travelled from our various locations to spend the weekend near London with our sister and her family.

I’m so used to being ”over here in Cyprus”, with family and all but one close friend, being in the UK, that it’s easy to feel cut off and alone here – despite having a wonderful husband , friends here and lovely team to work with.

On Saturday, surrounded by my sisters and their partners; nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephews, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of belonging and it brought me to private tears. Add to that , that during my lonely journey to and from Cyprus, three of my dearest friends kept messaging to say hello and to ask how I was doing, so I felt the warmth that comes with being loved and cared for – and prayed only that my precious sister feels that every moment of her life her with us.

The journey was short: in Friday night and out first thing Monday. On the flight home, I sat next to a young, lovely Cypriot girl who asked me, ”are you driving alone”? She was obviously worried that I was sat alone and she was with her boyfriend so was trying to be nice.

I smiled at her kindness – and use of English -and thought to myself, “No, I’m not ”driving alone”. Whatever the road ahead brings, I’ve got a wealth of love around me to help with the twists and turns – so that will help me be strong to help the person who really must face this ”alone”….

Life: precious and made so very much more bearable by being connected to others.

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