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1st January 2010

Well, this is Cyprus!…

So up I got yesterday, showered, suited and booted, lipsticked, briefcase in hand and set off to a hotel in Coral Bay, collecting Yvonne en route. The purpose was to:

– show Yvonne “how its done” when planning weddings for guests

– meet the owner of the hotel and get some prices

Got there on time, both looked great; handed a “decent” business card into reception, (rather than the bent ones which live in the bottom of my bag) – and got laughed at by Yvonne when Yoda, the receptionist (and our neighbour), explained that the meeting was today, not yesterday…..

It was like groundhog day today, when Yvonne and I went through the same process again but at least we actually held the meeting today! Anthi, the owner of Corallia Beach Hotel, thought the whole thing was very funny, as did Tony . Me? Well I’m over it (but cross with myself in my Virgo precise way! Am becoming too laid back!).

Tomorrow, yes really tomorrow, Jake is starting charm school. Chris, the dog trainer, is due here at 3.30pm to start Jakes training course. This will be totally unmissable – especially the bit where Chris tries to stop Jake undoing the laces on Chris’ shoes!

Alfie is totally charming,having attended training school a few years ago when we lived in Yorkshire. He had to be resident for 4 weeks – Jake is getting home visits only, which I’m pleased about coz I missed Alfie terribly!

Molly is going to watch the training but as she believes she is a cat anyway, (long story), it won’t make a bit of difference!

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