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20th February 2017

welcoming guests

One of the nicest parts of our work, is going to meet our holiday villa guests, which we do either on arrival at the villa or the day after arrival, giving them time to settle in and have any questions ready for us to answer for them. It’s great to share with our guests eg favourite restaurants, great places to visit and anything new that is happening . This year is especially exciting with Paphos sharing in the EU City of Culture 2017 status!

Yesterday, guests who had arrived at one of the lovely villas we care for and who had chosen not to have a specific meeting but just to ring if they needed us, were given an unexpected welcome meet – by Daisy, aged 5, who happened to be playing on her scooter in the street where the guests were enjoying the poolside at the villa.

Daisy, daughter of Christian and Emma, two key members of our wonderful team, was playing next to another villa where Christian was finishing off a tiling job. Being curious, Daisy knew that the guests had just arrived and noticed the children were playing in the pool. This was probably because Daisy had parked up her scooter and had her head through the fence of the holiday villa! Telling them there were crazy to be in the water coz she thought it cold, Daisy went on to tell the guests that her mummy, Emma, had checked the villa for them before their arrival. The guests were lovely and invited Daisy in for chocolate cake and a chat!

We’ve not heard too much from these guests, so either Daisy told them too much or she has invited herself to go back and talk further! We suspect the latter! Still, she’s saved Emma a job and its great to start training her early!

If you’d like to be checked in to a gorgeous holiday villa here in Coral Bay, Emma, Daisy and I are each available – and we ALL like chocolate cake so don’t let Daisy beat us to it! Email for deals on villas and apartments, where Daisy  likes to be nosey, to

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