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1st January 2010

Welcome home!

Am very sad and reflective today: Bill, Jane and Therese will have just touched done on UK soil as I write and our home feels empty without them. We’ve had a wonderful week and its been so good to share our lives in Cyprus with some of our dearest friends.

This is a very beautiful island: we often think people don’t see the best of it. They arrive, take the sun on the beaches, eat great food but never get to see the cherry blossom forest; the quaint old villages whose inhabitants share toothless grins with visitors; the breathtaking beauty of the Troodos mountains…..lace villages/pottery/historic monuments- oh, how long have you got?

At least we were able to show Jane and Bill a little of the beauty; sights which explained to them why we have chosen to spend our lives here and why we work so hard to help visitors enjoy the splendour of natural Cyprus.

Today is another day: wedding party and many check ins to do, welcoming good people to the friendliest place on earth. The villas in Coral Bay and Peyia are all sparkling and ready to accomodate the people who’ve chosen them.

As for our own home, I’ve almost cleaned it from top to bottom but am doing so with a heavy heart: would rather have the company of our friends and a lot of clutter than the pristine rooms I’ve just created: of course, there is always Jake to take into account: if I just leave the doors open, he’ll go in and create his own special brand of mayhem.

Clever dog even stole Janes flight tickets from her bag and was caught eating them: sadly, he hadn’t done enough damage to warrant them invalid!

Still, welcome home to you, the Simpsons – and welcome home to the guests who’ll enjoy their stay here.

Kala Orisite! (mispelt but meant!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News