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1st January 2010

Wedding Bells…..

With just over 8 weeks till the wedding of our “adopted” family, George and Rebecca, the excitement levels are growing! Rebecca has asked if she can stay with us the night before the wedding and leave from here to the service. Can she? Ohmigod! I’m thrilled to bits! We’ll have a girly night and day with hairdos and makeup and champagne – oh, yes, Jake!! (Must remember to talk to him very seriously about his behaviour!)……

I’ve just found a dress and am waiting for it to arrive in the post. Gave it 8 weeks to allow for delays and am concerned maybe I’ve not given it long enough time…..

We’ve done a lot of weddings this year and are looking forward to doing more next year. I’m talking to Jean, who owns the lovely villa Aaraabella in Coral Bay and we’re going to “cluster” the villas around Aaraabella to allow full sets of wedding party to stay together. Its all very exciting – watch this space…..

Anyway, need to try my shoes on for Rebeccas wedding so better go. Got 8 weeks to learn to walk properly in them and its definitely not enough!