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1st January 2010

We don’t do mornings!

Its Saturday morning, 10 am and we’ve been up for hours……Why? Well, firstly, Jakes pals (the hunting dog gang), came up the hill and began to shout for him – so he shouted, which got Alfie going which woke Molly, which annoyed Tony, so he shouted………………so I got up and made a cup of tea.

Even getting out of bed is a challenge: the “family dressing gown” lurks somewhere on the floor next to the bed. Whoever gets up first, claims it – and that seems to include the animals, who find it very comfortable. Having removed Molly and Charlie from it, I went bleary eyed downstairs and made a cuppa. By 8am , we were both fast asleep – and the phone rang! Was it an important call? Not really – but it was a Cypriot caller: and the Cypriots get up early and expect you to do the same. Tony took the call, kept his eyes shut, finished the call and resumed snoring!

It was all too much, so I got up to referee Charlie and Jake, feed the gang and have another huge mug of tea. Hearing Tony get up, I began to make sausage butties, which Jake promptly stole – so we are having toast!

Neither Tony nor I are morning people. By a margin, I’m slightly more pleasant first thing than he is but I do come around quicker. We’ve been up now for over an hour and still haven’t spoken – well, not to each other! We’ve each had the obligatory morning cuddles and chats to the animals and growled over each other to get the family robe. Still, priorities and priorities!

Happy Saturday. Am off to Coral Bay now to check on some villa guests – better remember to get changed, or send the dressing gown on its own!

Category: Cyprus Villas News