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11th July 2016

We care – even when we don’t sleep!

The season is upon us and with it, the daily big and small problems which go hand in glove with running a ‘people business’ – and for me, it’s all about the people.

The villas are teaming with happy holiday guests who are enjoying the high temperatures and cool-ish pools but who, from time to time, experience the fact that ‘life’ happens, even in paradise eg a sunbed breaks as the heat dries out the fabric, or a tiny little ‘critter’ comes in to find shade from the garden – or worse, the a/c machines which get hammered constantly, get over heated and need a rest or to be regassed.

We try to watch the horizon and ensure all is as close to perfect as it can be but this isn’t easy as there is only so much you can do to second guess ‘stuff’. Still, our teams hearts are in the right place and they work on, regardless of the increasing temperatures when those in their charge, chill, observe and relax……no wonder we all drink though!

It’s a great pleasure caring for people, whether owners or holiday makers or a mix of both – though sometimes I just cannot sleep for thinking of things on the list – and tonight is one of those times….

If you’d like to book a villa with clean pool, here in paradise, I’m here ready to take your enquiry. Email to me on Sleep well, wherever you are! (Tony and Molly are out for the count in the photo below!).

photo the morning after

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