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25th January 2019

We are all toast!

Oh, it’s so very exciting in the Bell household!

Each of us, including Barney T Rubble, just LOVE toast. As our ”traditional”, physical build shows! (You didn’t think the family bottom, grew itself did you?).

Anyway, as our old, reliable, Sorry Toaster, (sorry coz it doesn’t toast well anymore), finally gave up the ghost, we went shopping in the sales to replace it.

….meet Super Toaster! (Photo below). In black and rose gold, this monster machine can toast 4 slices at once, (perfect coz Tony has two, I have one and Barney the other for breakfast). Can reheat a piece of toast, (even better coz Tony answers the early calls to us then gets annoyed his toast is cold) – and even ”whizzes” the toast up in the air and over the top of the breakfast counter, if you don’t catch it in time – so Barney sits waiting!

So, one happy family have one incredible toaster!

Sad, isn’t it? The little things that make you happy are the crumbs in life which make up the big slices of family joy! You’ll be pleased to know each holiday villa offers every kitchen necessity including a toaster, so book now for Springtime sunshine!