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1st January 2010

Wayward children…….

It doesn’t matter how much you lecture them or what they experience, (to a point): they still seem to do whatever they want, whatever the danger…….

Charlie Cat is back in sick bay today, having taken on the hillside gang, with a single paw last night. Jake spotted the fight and shouted to wake us up, which started Alfie barking like crazy and Molly going wild to get our attention.

The fight lasted only briefly but Charlie was outnumbered and limped home, trailing blood and looking thoroughly sorry for himself. I’ve told him time and time again, he’s a gentleman and shouldnt mix with these local thugs! They may be good fun BUT they don’t care about Charlies sensitivities and will take every chance they can to show off and beat him up, especially if his brothers and sister dog are watching but cannot get to help him!

We felt terrible. Charlie jumped in through the window; Jake sang three happy he is home songs, then we saw the blood…..

Its only one small bite but Charlie looks so upset, I’m heartbroken!

The thugs are nowhere to be seen but they’d better watch out coz I’m after their whiskers and won’t be throwing them any more leftovers because I feel sorry for them. They may not have parent people to love and care for them here in Peyia but Charlie has – and god help them if they cross him again!

And Jake, Molly and Alfie feel the same way too!

ps Charlie is currently giving “sad eyes” as he chooses between cream, tuna, salmon, dried biscuits (how dare we?) and water in his many bowls……..Jake is trying to break into his room!!

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