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1st January 2010

Waving goodbye to my horse……….

No, not really. We don’t have a horse and, if we did, we certainly wouldn’t be waving it off! The line is from a silly song which Tony and Bill used to sing when we were younger, just as daft and living in Billingham. The fact that Bill and Jane were here, made Tony decide to sing a verse of this, in the Japanese restaurant – and it was funny to see him being his “younger self”…

Our beloved friends, their daughers, son and new daughter in law plus her family and friends, have gone home today after the wedding. It was so very sad waving them off. I had to try to be businesllike and not take off my sunglasses coz I’d shed a few tears running after their minibus (which kept getting lost on its way to collect them).!

THey all looked rested, tanned and lovely – and it was so very sad watching these much loved faces disappear up the road on their way to the airport. I know we’ll see Bill, jane,, Maric Claire and Therese again in the not too distant future but it does make me feel very alone when loved ones fly off the island. Daft really, when I’m so happy here.

This past week has been very special. Sharing the wedding plans, getting to know the beautiful bride and her family and enjoying the Big Day, was all amazing. Our home in Peyia is still ringing with memories of laughter and hair spray. The dogs continue to look for Rebecca and George: Molly in particular, stands guard outside their bedroom door in case they come out.

Its overwhelming to think our friendships with Bill and Jane, go back to school days (Bill and tony) and almost 30 years for Jane and I. That it all started in Billingham and their sons wedding happened here in Peyia, Cyprus, where we now live.

Life takes some twists and turns. So far, the most recent one bringing us to Cyprus, seems to have begun to work out and bring us closer to many people we love……………….

With Chez and Tallulah Bucket (out youngest god daughter) due here next week, closely followed by Twoshoeds and Armani, I don’t know how I ever dare to say I feel lonely. I think I just feel the distance rather than lack the feeling of love and friendship. And I’d so love to just go and know on marys door for a glass of vino!

People. All welcome in Peyia! x

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