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1st January 2010

Water shortages and sharing

The Ellerton Four ventured into the most beautiful Avakas Gorge yesterday. Set in the rugged Akamas Peninsular, the Gorge is a great place to walk/adventure/rock climb and generally take in the natural beauty of this protected area. Elsie, one of the gang, walked as far as she felt she wanted to then headed back to the car, leaving the rest to continue their explorations.

On reaching their hired jeep, Els reached in and took a bottle of water , taking a long drink before putting the bottle back and continuing her walk, this time towards the beach.

Noticing a couple of tourists watching her lone exploits, Els smiled and said, “Don’t worry~: its customary here to share a persons water. If you are thirsty and see someones water, feel free to drink it……..the owners don’t mind.”

Walking on, giggling mischievously, Els suddenly realised she may have set these innocent beings up!! What if they really did reach into a strangers car and take a drink? They really didn’t realise she’d been in her own car, drinking her own water!

Did she go back and apologise? Course not! We’re all just watching the local press for stories of phantom water thieves stealing this precious commodity from local vehicles………..

Daft thing is, Els is probably right: no-one would care – people here are happy to share.

(Though I did keep my Cadburys Easter Egg entirely to myself and eat it when the others weren’t looking!).

Day is flowing on…..must run!

Category: Cyprus Villas News