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20th September 2019

Walking the Walk.

Barney T Rubble is now 6. This is a VERY IMPORTANT age – so we’ve had to sit down and , ”THE TALK”!

He isn’t a particularly naughty dog but he’s very much his own dog and does his thing, in his time , in his manner – and to pot with the rest of us!

At 65 kilos, it’s difficult to move him if he’s decided to lie down in front of where you are sitting, including lying on your feet and refusing to move. He’s also taken to lying in the walkway to the loo in the bedroom which, in the middle of the night when you are sleepy and cannot see clearly, isn’t good!

A very sweet dog, he simply loves his people, his places and his life – but hates cats and is scared of his shadow at times!

We’ve walked up the hill today and spent time exploring the smells, (him) and the views, (me) then we sat down to chat. I’ve tried to explain to him a few things like:

Cats are really okay and that I’m not feeding up the stray cats in front of the house just for him to chase and catch and worse! That they , like he, deserve some TLC!

That when we say move please, we mean move NOW! Not grump, shuffle and lie in a worse position!

That he should come when called for and do as he’s told all of the time ,, not just when a treat is on offer……..but then it struck me that dogs grow like their owners – and his personality is Tony’s to a tee! What can I do!

Lecture over, Barney scared himself senseless by knocking the lower branch of a tree with his nose and causing a noise which made him jump! So he headed home and I had to follow…….

If you fancy doing your own thing on a holiday here in a villa in Coral Bay or Peyia, where you can lie down where you like next to a clean pool and have the time of your life, walking, exploring and enjoying treats, email to me for details: (I’d shout, ”come here” but you’re probably like Barney!).

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