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28th April 2018

Walking on sunshine!

We have a very good friend in the UK whose mantra is, ”nothing cannot be solved by a good long walk”.

I’ve never really taken too much notice of this being a bit of a lazy lump at heart – added to which almost 3 years of broken bones and immobility haven’t helped! Though I love to walk with my dogs, the walks are leisurely, peaceful and great for the soul – but OMG, Tony and I have fallen in love with, ”Power Walking” and we can be found at least once per day, strutting our stuff along the many and pretty pathways we’re finding in this beautiful area.

Cyprus just never stops giving: who would have known that, off the tourist track, there are so many interesting and pretty walks to take, enjoying the scenery while getting fit – and that the coastal pathway from Kissonerga to Paphos harbor, has THE most magnificent scenery, mixing the changing sea with beautiful vista! I’ve fallen well into walking and heavily into this island we call home!

Other than the sunshine warming the body a little too much sometimes during the hours walk, the walk itself warms my soul SO much, my perspective on many things has changed – as has my ability to deal with the big and small things life throws at me.

So, Andy, you are right and I am a convert!

If you’d like to join the walks, during a sunshine holiday here on this beautiful island, email to me for available villas and apartments for Summer 2018 and I’ll happily step out and share with you , all there is to offer!