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12th September 2016

Walking to the beat of my own drum.

With my Dad’s , ‘Celebration of Life’, now behind us, it’s time to be everything he would expect me to be – and to move forward.

The Service for Dad was lovely: meeting people with whom Dad has worked in various Big Bands, over the years and those who had loved his daily cartoon strip in our local paper plus those of us who simply loved him for being the funny, intelligent perfectionist he was, all added together to be a memorable though very painfully sad day.

However, my sister and I are left with a wonderful legacy: that of ‘knowing’ that, if we’re to live at all, we’re to live in the fullest, most confident and creative manner  we possibly can. Nothing less than aiming to do the best and be the best , would be enough for Dad – so no pressure there! We laughed at the example of this, told by the Celebrant, of Dad not ‘being kind’ and letting his 9 year old grandson, beat him at Chess! Dad had to win! He even cracked the computer version of chess, mastering how to be beat that after a few tries!

So, it’s time for me to pick myself up and walk on, trying harder to be all that I wish to be and trying hard to feel the joy of having had Dad around, rather than the pain of losing him.

Thank you for all of your wishes and thoughts. They have been so very much appreciated.

Now let’s getting booking more holidays for you on this beautiful island so you can let some sunshine into your hearts too as I let the sunshine warm my soul again.

For villas with clean pools, where no tears are allowed, email to me on