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6th September 2014

waking up

Its a stunning morning here in Cyprus. The sky is cloudy, the sea is moody and the temperature is HOT! I think we are in for a storm – and a very welcome one at that after all of the heatwaves we’ve had over the past 8 weeks.

I thought the storm had hit us at 6.45 this morning. Firstly, I felt my face being ‘tickled’ by something which was growling and wriggling about – and opened my eyes to see that Molly wanted to ‘play socks’ and had one of Tonys sport socks in her mouth and was ‘teasing’ me with it.

The Barney T Rubble came hurtling into the bedroom, using his considerable weight to hurl a plant pot at us so we’d play with him too!… There is nothing like waking up gently – certainly not in this house!

Still, the happy holiday guests in our beautiful rental villas and apartments, will have woken up to this gorgeous fresh air and the promise of another special Cyprus day, so I reckon I’ve got time to play ‘socks and plant pots’ before having to go to welcome our guests a little later!

If you want to ‘play’ happy holidays, or with Barney and Molly, just email to me on and join in the fun!