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24th July 2020

Waiting v. Now

When I was 7, I wanted to be 12.

I remember getting a typewriter for my 7th birthday and writing inside the lid of it, my name and AGE 12! Even today, I can bring back the feeling of being SO naughty having done this – and thrilled by the thought that one day I would be 12 – though it seemed a lifetime away at the time….

With the weeks ticking away now to my big 6-0, I’m tempted to write, ”age 37” on everything to try to stop the clock ticking! Much has changed in life’; many losses of precious members of our family – and more miles on the clock, which show more and more clearly in the early morning light. (Thank god for sunglasses and hats in the Cyprus sunshine!).

What’s my point? Well purely that, we each wish time away. We wish things to change/be different/for weeks/years to roll by in pursuit of something – then one day, we’re there and we wonder where all of the time went….

Today, as many days recently, there is so very much upset from people who cannot get here to Cyprus to enjoy a holiday – or even from us here, who cannot get to our overseas families for one reason and another….but the one thing we share is, soon this will pass. We cannot make it pass quicker but we can make the NOW better by realising we are in it.

Right now is right now: where we are. Who we are. How we face it. Up to each of us but it’s all we have.

Time flies.

Soon, so will UK holidaymakers coming to Cyprus.

For now, let’s just be happy to be and wait happily, enjoying the moments. It’s all okay x

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