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21st February 2020

Waiting for the rain to pass..

I’ve not blogged for a few weeks now but it’s time to get my head, ”back in the game”. The truth is, I love my work, helping people choose and enjoy holidaying in villas and apartments in Coral Bay and Peyia – but, like happens to all of us, life has been tough these past couple of months and I’ve felt the need to ”hide away” and function rather than live. But it’s my job to promote ”villas to rent in coral bay 0r peyia” – and I’m going to do it!

That stops today. Two very important things have happened today:

  1. A wonderful returning villa holiday guest of ours, arrived yesterday to stay for a month in his favourite stone built property and when I spoke to him this morning and apologised for the rain we have today, he replied, laughingly, that he knew the weather wasn’t great but he also knows it will pass and the sun will come out – and that he was happy just to be here.  I loved his positivity and cherish the fact that he trusts me/trusts the owner whose villa he loves and enjoys all of things Cyprus brings. The phrase that the rain will pass, touched my soul deeply and had nothing to do with the weather.
  2. The second is silly: I read a Winnie the Pooh paragraph about Difficult Days. Days when you simply need to know someone is on your side, ready to sit next to you without commenting or interfering. Just someone who cares, being there.

So , these may be many Difficult Days but I’m surrounded by my own, ”piglets” – whether family or friends – or the very many people I deal with daily in my work. From villa owners to villa holiday guests, people have been amazing. Even the lady in the shop today, didn’t flinch when I burst into tears talking about ”stuff” – she hugged me and smiled till I was calm…. my brain prompted me, ”get back to doing villas to rent in coral bay or peyia!”

The rain will pass and though it will come again and again, there are rainbows and magic and colours and adventures to share – so back to living.

…and back to inviting you to come and holiday in this beautiful area where the people are warm and the weather gets HOT! For villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations, email to I get people need a break and I’m so ready to help you choose the best one for you!

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