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1st January 2010


Okay, am definitely hormonal but also getting a little fed up of checking in beautiful young THIN girls/women to our lovely villas in Coral Bay and Peyia.

I encourage them to eat, drink, eat some more – and stay in their villas when Tony and I are out and about so my husband doesn’t realise exactly HOW “cuddly” I’ve become, when viewed against “the thin ones!”….

Am seriously thinking of putting a disclaimer on our booking form asking for vital statistics and excusing myself from checkin duties unless the guests are size 14 plus ! If not, will send Sam, the Eating Monster to meet them. She too, is slim and gorgeous – despite mountains of calories daily – but she’s also young and gets away with it!

Just wait, tee hee. We all get to 40 plus and BURST! Or is that just wishful thinking!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News