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1st January 2010

Vive la difference!

I woke up early this morning: it was very cold and I;d had vivid dreams which I was keen to talk over with Tony, when he returned to bed with my cuppa!

“I dreamt we’d opened a large library with TwoSheds and Armani, ” I started, “then the bell warning of aliens was sounded, so we all had to put on very badly designed orange track suits which were magic and transported us to the hill where we could watch the invasion. But we were met by a fat lady, selling hot dogs and she tried to steal my shoes…..” there was MUCH more but Tony butted in…………

“I dreamt I was an undercover CIA agent”, he started – which made me laugh: I suppose the dreams really show the difference between men and women but I’d hate to have them analysed!

Its been a tough few days for our family, which accounts for my active mind – I think Tony (like most men) always sees himself as the hero!

Category: Cyprus Villas News