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1st January 2010

Villas in Coral Bay covered in chocolate!

I couldn’t believe my eyes! One of the loveliest villas we have in Coral Bay was covered in chocolate!Not just small fragments of chocolate on the floor in the room where the bar had been being eaten but TOTALLY covered in chocolate! It looked like God had opened the clouds and let it rain milk chocolate for hours,with this gorgeous tasty mixture settling beautifully around the walls, windows, patios (missing the pool out, strangely) and the sunbeds. I just wanted to eat the villa, not check guests into it!

Tony looked at me as if I was crazy then told me to ring Sue, our housekeeper for the villas and get her ready to sweep up the chocolate coz it was bound to begin to melt in the heat and make a mess……..but the guests were due within minutes and we had to just hand the villa over as it was! I was getting really stressed………….

Then I woke up.

And it was raining but only proper wet stuff, not my favourite brand of chocolate delight!

And Tony was cross coz I’d woken him up in my dream panic to get him to help me clear the chocolate………

At least Alfie, Molly and Jake were pleased to see their crazy mother walking the villa in the early morning, trying to bridge the gap between heavy dreaming sleep and being awake enough to make sense!

Think I need a lie down -but I must find something sweet to eat coz my taste buds are on alert!

Category: Cyprus Villas News