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3rd December 2020

Villas at rest!

It’s been a very calming morning, doing property checks at some of the lovely holiday villas I’m lucky enough to look after.

Each one has a different ”personality” and ”feel”: I love having quiet time just to potter around, say ”hello” to the villas when they are quiet – and stay for a while ”sensing” the very many memories of happy holiday guests: memories which seem to ”live” in the atmosphere of the rooms, making them feel so welcoming and positive and bright!

Like the villas, each holiday maker is different and sees/experiences something different in the villa to the person who has stayed in it before. In the stillness now, it’s possible to listen closely to laughter/fun/dreams/adventures and feel so strongly, that these times will all come again soon – with even more sunshine that previously has happened!

It’s a very strange time for us all, isn’t it? Things we’ve taken for granted in the past  eg travel and holidays being only two of these things, now seem like events in another life! I’ve never taken for granted, the trust villa holiday makers put in me when they choose to place their holiday in my hands. I value the trust SO much – but I’m secure in the knowledge that I have the trust and support of the owners of these lovely villas too: and they care about the holidaymakers having best choice/best value and best time, every bit as much as I do.

This year, I’m framing this time as the villas being ”at rest”: getting their breath back so to speak after years of very hard work welcoming guests.

Today, I could sense they are ready and raring to go! Luckily, most are heavily booked for 2021, with this years bookings moving forward and holiday makers longing to return to their favourite villa or try a new choice!

There are still some weeks to book – and a couple of great villas, new to our books, able to offer key dates in 2021 – so, while the villas are resting and the world is turning more positively, with life looking forward and hope returning, why not book your 2021 well deserved holiday now! Email to and I’ll be delighted to try to help you!

Stay safe and well – and come back soon!